Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Q: Why is it called milk's favorite cookie???...A: OREO Tres Leches Cake

So after trying an amazzzzing Oreo Tres Leches Cake at Mi Tierra in San Antonio, I knew I had to find some how, some way this recipe. After googling long and hard for a Oreo Tres Leches Cake recipe with no luck, I decided to take a leap of faith and make up my own recipe.

I used a mix of generic brands and name brands to save a little money.
Here are the ingredients:
-box of vanilla cake mix (need eggs and oil for cake mix)
-1 can of evaporated milk
-1 can of sweetened condense milk
-pint of heavy cream
-small container of cool whip
-1 package of Oreo cookies

Bake the cake according to cake mix directions. Allow the cake to cool completely. Take a paring knife or spatula and move it along the side of the pan. Flip the pan upside down to release the cake from the pan. Cut the cake down the middle. Then cut the cake again horizontally to make four equal pieces.

Then crush two rows of cookies (about 30 cookies). Save the third row for decorating the top. I used a cookie sheet and lined it with the oreos. I then covered the oreos with plastic wrap, and used a hammer to make the oreo crumbles.

Using the pan used to bake the cake. Put two pieces of cake along side the bottom. Then top the bottom cake layer with the crumble oreo pieces.

Layer the final two cake layers on top of the oreo crumbles. Then poke holes evenly through the top using a sharp knife or fork.

Then mix the can of condensed milk, can of evaporated milk, and pint of heavy whipping cream until a consistent mixture is achieved.

Pour the mixture over the entire cake. Then top the cake with cool whip.

You can cut the unused cookies and cut them in half, and place them evenly on the top. You can also slice fresh strawberries and place them on the top. Here is the final product. It is definitely best served after sitting covered in the fridge for two days. I learned the longer it stays in the fridge, the creamier and milkier it taste. Enjoy!