Friday, May 8, 2015

DIY Mother's Day Footprint Art


Who doesn't like homemade gifts?!?  I mean anyone can just buy something.  It takes effort making something, especially when your 6 month old is helping make it.  Well, Mother's Day was just around the corner, so I decided Matty would make something a little special for his Grandma!

|what you will need|

+ picture frame (I used a 5x7)
+ thick white cardstock
+ nontoxic finger paint
+ sponge brush
+ painters tape
+ thin permanent marker

|how to|

{1} Cut out the white cardstock to 5x7 dimension.

{2} Tape the cut out card stock to either a scrap cardboard piece or a firm folder using painters tape.  This allows for stability and (hopefully) less chance of messing up.

{3} Since we were making a heart, I chose the color red.  Take the sponge brush and brush a light coating of finger paint onto the bottom of your child's foot and toes.  Gently press the foot onto the cardstock.  This is easier if you have another person helping aka your husband lol.

{4} Repeat step 3 on the other foot.

{5}  Allow the paint to dry for at least 2 hours.

{6} Once paint is dry, write "I LOVE GRANDMA", "I LOVE YOU MOM", or whatever phrase you choose around the outline and repeating the phrase until you write it all the way around.

{7} Frame the cardstock, and you are done!