Sunday, February 14, 2016

{Be Mine Valentine} DIY Valentine Monster Card Box


Our little man had a Valentine's Day Party at his school this past Friday.  The teachers asked the parents to bring a card box and Valentine's Day cards.  Of course, being the Domesticated Diva I wasn't going to bring an average box or average cards for my son.  I decided to make him a monster themed box and cute valentine's day cards.  Here's what I came up with.

|what you will need|

+ shoe box
+ glue gun
+ styroform balls
+ foam sheets
+ letter stickers
+ craft paints
+ pipe cleaners

|how to|

{1} Cut a hole on the lid of the shoe box.  Make sure the hole is large enough about 4 x 7.  Use the glue gun to glue the lid to the box.  

{2} Use craft paint to color the box.  Use two coats, making sure the paint is dry between coats.

{3} Now the fun part...decorating!  I started off glue gunning the eyes (Styrofoam balls) to the top. I cut out the monster's feet out of foam sheets.  Then I spiraled the pipe cleaners for the monsters antennas and glued hearts on top of them.  I had left over small wood heart shapes that I painted black for the eyes.  I cut out random shaped teeth and glue gunned the teeth to the inside of the box.  Then I just used letter stickers to spell out my son's name.

|final product|

|diy valentine's day cards for teachers and classmates|

I also made labels for Valentine's Day cards for his classmates and teachers.

|for his classmates|

{cheez! i'm crackers over you valentine!}

{for the teachers}

{a little treat for a teacher so sweet!}

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DIY Party Ideas


Matty is a huge fan of the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  So it was only fitting that it was his theme for his first birthday.  There were so many ideas that could be centered around this theme.  I made about 90% of everything, it was time consuming but very worth it.  Below are a few things I DIY'ed.  I think everything came out great!  

|DIY Mickey Mouse Monthly Milestone Banner|

|DIY Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Favor Tags|

|DIY Mickey Mouse Dessert Table Backdrop|
|DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner|

|DIY Mickey Mouse Food Risers|
|DIY Mickey Mouse Clubehouse Birthday Milestone Poster|
|DIY Rice Krispies Treat Pops|
|DIY Funfetti Popcorn Favors|

|DIY Cake Pops|
|DIY Mickey Mouse Initial Letter|

|DIY Mickey Mouse Theme Table Centerpiece|

|DIY Mickey Mouse Photo Booth Frame|
|DIY Picture Head Photo Prop|

|DIY Mickey Mouse High Chair Banner|
|DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Headband|

|DIY Mickey Mouse Cake Topper|