Friday, June 12, 2015

Baby and Mommy Favorites- MONTH FOUR to MONTH SIX


The past three months our little guy has grown leaps and bounds!  He started rolling over and eating solids at 4 months, started getting teeth and sleeping in his crib at 5 months, and now he started crawling at six months.  Time is really flying by.  It's easy to say that he and I have a lot of new favorites the past few months! 

{1} My-Ku-Ho Cloud Pillow: Matty loves this pillow so much.  It's made out of a soft jersey cotton material and is great to use for tummy time or to feed him a bottle under.  It literally feels like you are laying on a cloud.  We love it so much we have it in both blue and grey.

{2} Amazing Baby by Enfamil App: I just randomly stumbled upon this app.  It is great to find out new exercises, activities both developmental and play that can benefit your little one.  It has activities for bath time, play time, quiet time, outdoor time.  It shows activities targeted for your child's age, which is awesome!

{3} Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer: Matty got his second case of the sniffles at four months.  This thermometer is user friendly and so quick to use.  We use it after he gets his rounds of shots, so we can monitor his temperature.  It's great for babies that are on the move, because it is so quick and easy. 

{4} Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer: Love this brand!  We have this stroller organizer attached to our City Mini GT.  It attaches with Velcro and is made out of neoprene material, so it easy to clean!  It has two large cup or bottle holders and a central space in the middle for things like keys or cell phones.  It also has a zipper compartment that can be taken out, so basically a built in clutch...genius!

{5} Oball Rattle: Matty is absolutely in love with this ball rattle!  It's so easy for him to hold with all the holes.  It's made out of a pliable plastic, and you can attached it on a car seat or stroller because of the many holes.  Matty likes to throw it now, and then he crawls to get it.

{6} Baby Einstein Reef Play Gym: Matty loves this little play gym!  There's a lighted musical turtle in the middle to he is so fascinated with.  We still have the play gym and Matty still likes to bat at the turtle.

{7} Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons: These are the perfect size spoons for purees and baby food.  The handle is long and easy to maneuver.  The spoon part is small enough to get just the right amount of food in the baby's mouth.  They also come in a pack of six and are reasonably priced.

{8} Baby Bullet by Magic Bullet Complete Baby Food Prep System: I knew I wanted to make Matty homemade organic baby food.  I use this thing at least three times a week!  I love how compact the unit is.  You can leave it on your countertop and it won't take up too much space.  I also like that it has a milling blade, so you can make your own oatmeal and rice cereal!

{1} Breathable Mesh Crib Liner by Breathable Baby: Matty started to sleep in his crib at five months.  We knew regular bumpers were a no-no, so this was the next best thing.  It prevents him from getting his arms and legs stuck in between the crib slats.  It also has a little bit of cushion in case he rolls onto the side of the crib. 

{2} Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier- Frog: We use this humidifier so much.  It's easy to use and clean, and they have the cutest animal designs.  It also gives off a soothing white noise which is pretty calming to a baby.

{3} Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Baby Nasal Relief: I love this saline spray!  It gives an even distribution of saline and it's really easy to use.  Before this spray, we used the drops.  With the drops, we didn't know how much saline was getting in his nose, but with the spray it is so much more easier to control. 

{4} Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Giraffe: After Matty started sleeping through the night in his crib, I started to introduce this Soothe & Glow Giraffe.  It plays lullabies for 15 minutes and has a soft light that glows when the music is playing.  The best thing about this toy is that the music slowly quiets and the light slowly softens until the 15 minutes is up.  We introduced it as part of his bedtime routine and it has worked out really well.

{5} Pamper’s Baby Dry Diapers: We use these diapers as Matty's overnight diapers.  They guarantee 12 hour protection on the box.  He has never leaked in these diapers.  When I wake him up in the morning, his diaper is soaked to the max but not a drop has leaked out.

{6} Crazy 8 Chambray Slip-On Crib Shoes: We love these shoes!  They are slip on, so you don't have to mess with any shoelaces.  They are also very soft and are a chambray denim which is very stylish.

{7} Carter’s Keep Me Dry Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib Pad: We use this over Matty's crib mattress.  It's soft and easy to put on.  It also doesn't have the annoying plastic layer that a lot of waterproof crib pads have. 

{8} Munchkin Formula Dispenser: At five months, we transition Matty to formula.  This dispenser comes in handy when on the go.  It has three compartments, and all you have to do is put the amount of dry formula in each compartment.  We never had an issue with powder leaking out.

{1} Aden & Anais Classic Crib Sheets: Love these fitted sheets!  It's the same muslin material as the swaddle blankets.  They are super soft and light and perfect for warm weather months.

{2} JL Childress Full Body Changing Pad: This changing pad is awesome!  It's "full body" so that means it will cover every inch of your baby (both length and width).  It may be full body, but still small enough to stuff in your diaper bag.

{3} Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror: This mirror is just the mirror you need to keep an eye on your little one.  It was much cheaper than the ones at Target, and does the same exact job.

{4} American Apparel Infant Poly-Cotton ¾ Sleeve Raglan: Love the baby clothes from American Apparel!  The cotton is super soft and light, and the designs are very hip and versatile.  We have these cute little baseball 3/4 sleeve shirts in red, blue, and neon yellow.  That's how much we love them!

{5} Oball Grip and Teethe Keys: Oball just makes the greatest products!  Our son is obsessed with these teething keys!  They have the same holes as the Oball Rattle Ball, so it's easy for your little one to grasp.  Also at the end of the keys are rubbery textured ends, which is perfect for your teething little ones.

{6} Munchkin Click Lock 2-Pack Food Pouch Spoon Tips: Love these spoon tips that screw onto the baby food pouches.  These are perfect for on the go feeding.  They have a open and lock mechanism, so there won't be any accidents.  I also like how it comes with a cap and they are fairly easy to clean.

{7} Carter’s Pull On Chambray Shorts: Love bottoms that are easy to put on and are stylish at the same time.  They are soft and they are the pull up kind with no buttons or zippers to mess with. 

{8} Gerber Organic 1st Foods Pouch: The baby food in pouches are so convenient.  They are easy to stuff in a diaper bag, and you really do not need any spoons or bowls.  You can feed them directly from the pouch.

{1} Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Cereal Bars: These cereal bars are great for a quick snack or a quick breakfast when you are running out the door.  I love that the fruit filling isn't too sweet and that they are more natural. 

{2} Almay Liquid Eyeliner: I love this eyeliner.  It has a tip applicator that is mistake proof.  It is long lasting and really affordable.

{3} Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty Dish Soap: This soap is great for everyday use.  It's tough enough to get rid of grease and mess, but gentle enough on your hands.  I also love the scent of this dish soap.

{4} Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner: This is my go to cleaner for glass, stainless steel, granite, etc.  You can use this cleaner on almost anything.  I love the spray nozzle on the container; it ensures even coverage of the cleaner.

{5} Thomas’ Original English Muffins: My other go to breakfast item.  I love eating these English Muffins with a little bit of butter and some fruit jelly.  It really fills me up, and is a healthy alternative.

{6} Old Navy Women’s Slim Boot-Cut Yoga Pants: Which mom doesn't own a pair of comfortable yoga pants?!?  These yoga pants are so comfortable, and are easy to throw on with a cute t-shirt and some tennis shoes.  They are super stretchy and super soft.  Love these!

{7} Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel: This nail enamel is bomb dot com!  It truly last 7 days without chipping.  It's easy to apply and fast drying!  It is way more affordable than a gel manicure or shellac.  I can't wait to stock up on more colors!