Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flower Power!...DIY Satin Flower

I thought I already did a tutorial on how to make a satin flower like the one I used for the tutu dress, but low and behold I let this tutorial slip through the cracks...opps.  Well these satin flowers are super easy to make, and they have this great soft, pretty look to them.  They are very versatile, and you can use them on just about everything anywhere from headbands, tutus, or even hair fascinators or clips (which I did for my wedding day...tutorial coming soon!).

Here's what you need to get started...
-less than a yard of satin fabric (the cheap synthetic kind found at Hobby Lobby or Joann's)
-needle and thread
-candle (tea lights work best)
-decorative button
-low heat glue gun (NEEDS to be low heat, the high heat will burn and warp the satin)

First off you will need to cut the satin (you can definitely add more/less circles depending on how full you would like your flower).  This is what I used...

-3 large circles (about 3" diameter)
-3 medium circles (about 2" diameter)
-3 small circles (about 1 1/2" diameter)

You do not have to cut out perfectly symmetrical circles, as you can see from my picture.  Then, cut five or six 1/2"-3/4" inch notches all around the circles, like so...

Then with the lit candle, singe the ends of the circle and the notches carefully with the flame of the candle.  You do this by lightly sweeping the satin circle over the candle flame.  Do not stay over one part of the satin for a long period of time, because this fabric burns easily. 

You eventually end up with this, and it only takes about a minute per satin circle...

Then, stack the satin circles starting from the largest at the bottom to the smallest at the top.  Use a dollop of glue from the glue gun to keep each satin circle together.  Make sure you alter the positions of the circles, so that the petals are not all lined up.  This gives it a more natural look.  See below pic.

Now the last step is to sew on the decorative button, and there you have it...

You can also leave the circles round without the notches and you end up with this...

Photo courtesy of

Breakdown of Price:
-Yard of Fabric: $2.99, but you only used a 1/6 of a yard or so -- $0.50
-Decorative Button: $1.00
-Needle, thread, candle, and glue gun--already had--$0


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ole!...DIY Fiesta Themed Wedding Shower Invites and Themed Decor

If you know me by now, you know that I absolutely love themed parties!  We had a small couple wedding shower a few months back at a Mexican restaurant here is Houston called Berry Hill's.  To go with the restaurant we decided on a Fiesta Theme for our wedding shower!

Let's first start with the wedding shower invitation!  Made by me!  I made envelope liners for these.  I used the same technique as our Save the Dates invites...

The finished product =)

Here are some other details from the shower made and decorated by my Maid of Honor and sissy...

Sign at the front of the private dining room

Some decor...paper Mexican flowers, candles, mini pinatas, and maracas

Bride and Groom ("El Hefe") Sombreros

Party Favors (Pumpkin and Apple Empanadas...yum-o)

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everything's Bigger (and Cuter) in Texas...Our Texas Christmas Tree

After seeing so many cute themed Christmas trees at department stores, such as these...

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree

Wine Themed Christmas Tree

Princess Themed Christmas Tree

...I decided I needed to have a themed Christmas tree.  I wanted a theme that would not go out of style easily.  I decided a Texas tree was the way to go!  We bought our 7.5' Slim Virginia Pine Tree at Target.  I loved this tree because 1.) It was prelight (easy set up!), 2.) It was artificial (no mess!), 3.) It was slim (great as an apartment tree!), and 4.) It has pine cones (natural element and built in decoration!).  I purchase the ornaments from Hobby Lobby, Macy's, Garden Ridge, Texas souvenir stores and the San Antonio Mercado.  You also do not have to stick to only Christmas ornaments for your tree; I used mini Texas flags, mini sombreros, mini personalized Texas license plates, Texas license plate tree topper, and bandannas.  I actually recommend using unconventional decorations for your tree to keep it interesting =)

I found great inspiration and tips from Rebecca on You Tube, she's an interior designer and she knows her stuff!

First, I bought a twine like rope called Natural Sisal from Hobby Lobby.  I actually stumbled upon this, when browsing near the aisle next to the jewelry aisle (sorry I don't really remember which section).  A big roll of this was only $3.50 and I only used a little more than half to wrap the tree.  I began by wrapping the Sisal around the tree.  You do not have to make it perfectly aligned (actually the messier the better!).  I liked the Sisal because as you wrapped it around the tree it naturally spiraled.

Natural Sisal bought at Hobby Lobby

Sisal on the tree

Next, I added the "cheap/plain/boring" Christmas ornaments to the tree.  Like Rebecca said in the You Tube video (if you guys watched it) to not only put the ornaments on the outer part of the tree, but she recommends to put ornaments within the tree to draw your eyes in. These filled in the middle and inner part of the tree.

Plain/Boring Christmas Ornaments

Plain Christmas ornament tucked inside and behind the "nicer" ornaments

Then, I placed the nicer ornaments and larger ornaments on the tree.  I started with the big ornaments (such as the big starts, license places, signs, and roosters).  Then, I filled the surrounding area with the other smaller ornaments. 

Tree with some of the larger ornaments

Here are some of my favorite ornaments and decorations on the tree...

I bought thick ribbon (2"-3") to wrap around the tree.  I began wrapping the ribbon around the tree.  I used this type of technique.  Carol does a great job showing how to wrap the ribbon around the tree.  I then started adding other decorations that protrude out of the tree (i.e. red and white holly picks, mini Texas flags, and the dark blue bandannas).

Almost done tree =)

I initially bought a typical tree topper from Hobby Lobby, but then I saw a "I <3 TEXAS" license plate at the San Antonio Mercado.  I knew this would be the perfect topper and would complete our tree!

Here are some cool pictures I took of our tree...

Tree Topper!

Country Style Tree Skirt

Just to recap, here are some tips:
  • Layer, Layer, Layer: put plain Christmas ornaments within the tree, alternate between ornaments, ribbon, twine, etc.
  • Use Different Types of Textures and Sizes of Decor: use rough types of material such as Sisal/twine, use extra large ornaments or decorations
  • Use Decoration That Are Not Typical Christmas Decorations: license plates, Sisal/twine, metal signs, mini sombreros, mini pinatas, mini flags, and whatever fits your theme (possibilities are endless!)
  • Make Sure You Have Decorations That Protrude Out Of The Tree: mini flags, bandannas, or Christmas picks...this gives your tree dimension)
  • Make Sure Your Tree Is NOT Symmetrical: when wrapping the ribbon, secure the ribbon on the tree sporadically and spread the ornaments/decorations randomly...this keeps someone looking at the tree interested and draws them to look at the tree longer, since each part of the tree looks different.
"Rough" Price Breakdown:
-Tree: $80
-Ornaments and Decor: $150ish
TOTAL: $230...priceless