Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tutu Recap

I finally was able to give my niece, Olivia, her tutu dress that I made for her several months back.  Of course, she looked cute in it.  I think she gets that from her aunties =P.

Well without further a do, here she is strutting her tutu couture...

After putting the tutu on her, I realized I really should of added more tulle fabric to the bottom part.  I received so many compliments on her tutu dress, that I was determined to do another.  I got my chance to do another tutu dress for my little sister's coworker.  I followed the same instructions as before, but I added a sequin trim to the midsection, which I must say turned out freakin' cute!  I also added about twice the amount of tulle as last time.  Here it is...

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