Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr. and Mrs...DIY Wedding Card Wall Collage

Yes, me and Mr. Domesticated Diva are official.  After going through all of our wedding cards, I realized I should capture the day of our wedding in a very special way.  I decided I wanted to reuse our wedding cards and display them is a unique way.  A light bulb went off ,and I decided to do a collage using our wedding cards.  This is what I used...

I started by cutting out scalloped circles using my circle punch.  I choose to cut of words/phrases that dealt with weddings or images on the card that were wedding related.

I then applied mod podge to the back of the scalloped circles with a paint brush and applied it to the canvas (the size of the canvas I used was 16 x 20).  I was able to fit ten circles across and eight circles down.  Allow the mod podge to dry for about 25 minutes.  It is okay if the circles aren't permanently stuck to the canvas.  Here's what it should look like...

I then applied two more coats of mod podge on top.  Ensure you do not apply a heavy coat.  Just a couple of light swipes with your paint brush should be sufficient.  Allow the mod podge to dry about 25 minutes between coats.  A nice glossy finish is made once dry.  See pic below...

Here's the finished product hanging on our wall =)

Here's a closeup pic of the collage...

Cost Breakdown:

-Mod Podge: $6
-Wedding Cards: $0
-Canvas: $6.50 (50% off of $12.99)
-Paint Brush: $0 (already had)
-Circle Scallop Craft Punch: $6 (50% off of $12)

TOTAL: $18.50


  1. What a sweet idea, I love this! And I would also LOVE to link to this in my next Wedding Keepsake Roundup if you didn't mind.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I may try a smaller version of this with baby cards for baby #3 due in a few weeks.

  3. You can share the link all you want Rachel! Thank you for the kind compliments gals =)

  4. This is great! You're right, wedding cards just sit around taking up space. I would love to make something pretty with them. This is just the ticket! We need stuff to hang on our walls, too.

  5. What a great idea! I have had my cards in a box for 9 years!

  6. I love this idea! I'm planning to do this with cards from my baby shower as a decoration for my daughter's room.

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  8. That is an amazing idea (using old cards for making beautiful collage frame). The frame looks really cute and vibrant. It is a very innovative way of decorating your house. It is not that expensive either. I would definitely give it a shot. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

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