Monday, August 13, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action...How to Make a Home Video Look Professional the Domesticated Diva Way

So I got bit with the video filming bug, and I have made two semi-professional looking video documentaries so far.  I have made both a Hawaiian Honeymoon video and an Identity Festival video.

I registered for an account on Vimeo.

Vimeo was a better fit, because it is geared towards the creative filmmaker.

Here's the link to my videos...

Identity Festival Video
Hawaiian Honeymoon Video

Prior to making both videos, I did my research. 

I found these websites extremely helpful...

10 Simple Tips To Make Home Videos Look Professional
How to make homemade movies cinematic/professional looking

Here are some Domesticated Diva tips when making your home video:
  • Shoot your subject up close.  This will make the video seem more professional.
  • Pan from different directions (across, up and down, diagonal, moving in/out).
  • Capture the details.  This will make your video seem well rounded and will engage your audience.
  • Angle your shot, and try not to shoot head on.  This will give a more interesting perspective when filming.
  • Take about 10 second video clips.  This will ensure better video filming and quality.
  • When putting your video together, keep clips to 5-10 seconds.  Any longer than that, your audience will start to get bored.
  • Music choice is key.  The right song or music choice will set the mood of the video.
  • Keep your camera as steady as possible. (I may invest in a tripod or monopod in the future)
I shot all the video with my point and shoot Sony camera (DSC- HX7V).  This camera shoots full HD 1080/60i video.  It's amazing what this little camera can do!  I highly recommend this camera for video and pictures!

Then, I edited the videos using Sony Movie Studio HD 11.  I purchased it on Amazon for around $30.

The software was actually great for beginners.  Before using Sony Movie Studio, I was using Windows Movie Maker.  Sony Movie Studio has more options, and has features that took video editing up a level.  I highly recommend this software!

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