Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Save the Dates: Part Deux- Little Sissy's Save the Dates

I've been having wedding planning withdrawls.  I think I should just be a wedding/party planner on the side, because I love it so much.  Well, my little sister is officially engaged!  She looked to me to help her design her STDs, and like a giddy school girl I agreed with excitement.  Here are the two designs I came up with. 

I downloaded the fonts from .  They have an endless supply of any font you could think of, and for the most part they are all free.  I used Tall Films, Enchanted Prairie Dog, and abeatbyKai fonts. 

I recommended my sister to use Vistaprint to print out her STDs.  She used their standard postcard and printed on linen paper.  I think they came out fantastic!  Here are the actual printed copies!


  1. STDs sounds.....strange when used like this

  2. you did an awesome job!!! they are amazing!

  3. Thanks Shannon!

    Lol Ben, yeah bad acronym!