Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Chic Holla-ween Nails...Black and Gold Glitter French Manicure

So nail art and design is really big right now.  Just check out Pinterest; it is flooded with different ideas.  Well my sis and I did a little DIY nail session, and I created this black and gold design.

All you need is...
-Metallic Gold Nail Polish
-Base Coat Polish
-Top Coat Polish
-Black Glitter (found at craft stores)
-Scotch Tape

First, apply a base coat to all your nails.  Allow your nails to dry completely.

Then, paint a coat of gold nail polish on all nails.  Allow your nails to dry completely again.

After nails have dried, place a small amount of tape across the nail about 2 mm from the top.  Make sure the tape is securely stuck to the nail to ensure a clean and straight french tip.  This will act like as your french manicure guide.

Apply a thick coat of gold nail polish to the upper part that is exposed.  Immediately after applying the nail polish sprinkle a generous amount of black glitter to the area of the nail that is wet.  I did one nail at a time so I didn't feel rushed.  Gently tap the glitter to ensure it adheres to the nail.

Then, carefully peel the tape off your nails. Ta-da!

Let your nail dry completely, which takes about 30-45 min.

Then, apply two coats of top coat.  Make sure you let your nails dry completely between coats.  That's all it takes to making this festive nail design!

Sissy and I browsing Pinterest for ideas