Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baby Matthew's Nursery Decor- "Hello There Handsome" Wall Art

I have been super excited to start on Baby Matthew's nursery!  I had so many ideas floating in my head.  I wanted to do a picture collage above his changing table.  I saw a cute "Hello There Handsome" pillow at Home Goods.  I decide to recreate this saying as a wall art décor. 

|what you will need|
+ blank canvas (I used a 8 x 10 sized canvas)
+ alphabet letter stickers
+ craft paint
+ paint brush or sponge
+ decorative trim cord
+ hot glue gun
|how to|
{1} Stick your alphabet letter stickers to the canvas.  Press hard and make sure the stickers are lying flush to the canvas.
{2} Paint the entire canvas with craft paint.  I did two coats of paint.  Allow the paint to dry at least an hour between coats.
{3} Let the paint dry completely overnight.  Then, gently peel off the alphabet letter stickers.
{4} Then I wrote "hello" in a simple cursive font on regular printer paper.  Place the wording where you want it on the canvas.
{5} With a sharp ball point pen, outline the font.  Make sure you apply a good amount of pressure so the ink goes through to the canvas.
{6} Using a hot glue gun, glue the decorative cord to the canvas following the cursive outline.



Here's the finished product...


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