Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Distressed Baby Jeans


So the hot new trend right now is distressed denim!  You see it everywhere from distressed jeans to distressed shorts.  Etsy also has the cutest distressed denim for babies and toddlers.  I can't stand the cuteness!  But at almost $35 a pair, I knew I could make my little Matty Moo his own stylish pair for a fraction of the cost.

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|what you will need|
+ pair of jeans (do not use the stretchy kind of won't fray correctly)
+ scissors
+ tweezers
+ pen
+ razor blade or box cutter
+ piece of cardboard that will fit inside the pant legs
|how to|
{1} If needed, cut your baby jeans to the appropriate length.  I decided to fold the bottoms, so I made the length a little longer.
{2} Flip the jeans inside out.
{3} Using a pen, mark out the areas that you want to distress/fray.  Since this was my first time distressing baby denim, I didn't want to go overboard.  So I only distressed a few spots.  I spaced out my lines by about one inch.  Remember the wider the lines and the larger number of lines, the larger the distressed area. 

{4} Place the cardboard piece inside the pant leg.  Make sure it is directly under the area you are about to cut.  Using your razor blade, make a clean horizontal line across the marks you made with your pen.
{5} Using your tweezers, slowly pull out the blue thread from the slits you made.  Do this until you pull them all out from across the slits.  I found it easier to start from the middle of the slit and then work my way out.
{6} Next, using your scissors randomly cut the very edge of back pockets.  Use the tweezers to pull a little of the threading out to get that distressed look.  Then throw your jeans in the washer and dryer to complete the look.
|final product|
|final product on my handsome model|


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