Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Miniature Garden DIY


I have always been fascinated by miniature gardens.  They are truly whimsical and just put a smile on my face.  I took a shot at doing one for mother's day.  It was so easy to do and I had a great time making it.

|what you will need|

+ pot of your choice (I picked a pot that was fairly shallow, but had a wide opening)
+ decorations for your miniature garden (all from Hobby Lobby)
+ succulent plants
+ aquarium gravel
+ soil

|how to|

{1} First, figure out the layout of your miniature garden.  My pot was not that large so I tried to utilize as much surface area that I could, so I planted the plants towards the side of the pot. 

{2} Next place the aquarium gravel on the soil.  This will act like your "walkway" in your miniature garden.  Also, I placed the miniature garden fencing along the border of the pot. 

{3} Now the fun part...decorating!  I bought all the decorations at Hobby Lobby.  They actually had a section at the store dedicated to miniature gardens.  I got the fence, mushroom, bench, birdhouse, and metal wagon, and snail at the miniature garden section.  I got the miniature pots and garden tools at the doll section of Hobby Lobby.  You can definitely play around with the set up of your garden.  I really enjoyed making this cute miniature garden and hope to make a larger scale one in the future!

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