Sunday, February 14, 2016

{Be Mine Valentine} DIY Valentine Monster Card Box


Our little man had a Valentine's Day Party at his school this past Friday.  The teachers asked the parents to bring a card box and Valentine's Day cards.  Of course, being the Domesticated Diva I wasn't going to bring an average box or average cards for my son.  I decided to make him a monster themed box and cute valentine's day cards.  Here's what I came up with.

|what you will need|

+ shoe box
+ glue gun
+ styroform balls
+ foam sheets
+ letter stickers
+ craft paints
+ pipe cleaners

|how to|

{1} Cut a hole on the lid of the shoe box.  Make sure the hole is large enough about 4 x 7.  Use the glue gun to glue the lid to the box.  

{2} Use craft paint to color the box.  Use two coats, making sure the paint is dry between coats.

{3} Now the fun part...decorating!  I started off glue gunning the eyes (Styrofoam balls) to the top. I cut out the monster's feet out of foam sheets.  Then I spiraled the pipe cleaners for the monsters antennas and glued hearts on top of them.  I had left over small wood heart shapes that I painted black for the eyes.  I cut out random shaped teeth and glue gunned the teeth to the inside of the box.  Then I just used letter stickers to spell out my son's name.

|final product|

|diy valentine's day cards for teachers and classmates|

I also made labels for Valentine's Day cards for his classmates and teachers.

|for his classmates|

{cheez! i'm crackers over you valentine!}

{for the teachers}

{a little treat for a teacher so sweet!}

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