Monday, November 7, 2011

From Drab to Fab...Sprucing up a Ring Bearer Pillow

After deciding on a peacock theme for our wedding, I wanted to incorporate peacock feathers every chance possible.  I found some really beautiful peacock ring bearer pillows, such as this one from Etsy.  But, the $40 price tag immediately turned me away.  One day, me and my now husband were shopping at Arne's Warehouse, which is basically an affordable party and decorating store in Houston.  I found this ring pillow for $3!

I know it's ugly, but I made it my mission to jazz this pillow up.  Also, at $3 a pillow, I wouldn't be losing out on much if my crafting project did not go as planned.  All I used to decorate the ring bearer pillow was a decorative button at JoAnn Fabrics, two peacock feathers, and a glue gun.

I began by tearing up and cutting apart the inner bow and heart center the pillow originally came with, and left the thin ribbon that is used to tie the rings together...

Then, I sewed the button to the center of the pillow. 

Then, I hot glued the two peacock feathers on the side of the button...and that was all there was to it!  Here's a "before and after" pic of the ring pillow before the Domesticated Diva transformation...

Cost Per Item:
Ring Bear Pillow: $3
Decorative Button: $2
Peacock Feathers: FREE (used left over ones from the invitations)

TOTAL SAVINGS: at least $35

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