Friday, November 4, 2011

Please have a seat...DIY Table Numbers and Escort Cards

So, I definitely wanted to use IKEA's Tolsby Frames for our table numbers after seeing so many cute ideas on wedding blogs such as Project Wedding.  I made the trek to IKEA and purchased 20 frames for $20...STEAL! 

I designed the image on Microsoft Publisher and printed it on our home printer.  Here's the final product...

I also designed my escort (seating) cards on Microsoft Publisher.  I wanted to incorporate a peacock feather in my design, and I used the same metallic card stock I used for the invitations.  Then, I got them printed and cut at LP Printing for a pretty decent price!  I think the single green peacock feather brought our theme together well =)

  Here's another picture of the table numbers in action along with the centerpieces and linens...

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  1. Hi there, would you be willing to share your publisher template for the table numbers and "sign our guestbook"? I'm making the same things and struggling with publisher.