Friday, November 4, 2011

Please have a seat...DIY Table Numbers and Escort Cards

So, I definitely wanted to use IKEA's Tolsby Frames for our table numbers after seeing so many cute ideas on wedding blogs such as Project Wedding.  I made the trek to IKEA and purchased 20 frames for $20...STEAL! 

I designed the image on Microsoft Publisher and printed it on our home printer.  Here's the final product...

I also designed my escort (seating) cards on Microsoft Publisher.  I wanted to incorporate a peacock feather in my design, and I used the same metallic card stock I used for the invitations.  Then, I got them printed and cut at LP Printing for a pretty decent price!  I think the single green peacock feather brought our theme together well =)

  Here's another picture of the table numbers in action along with the centerpieces and linens...


  1. Hi there, would you be willing to share your publisher template for the table numbers and "sign our guestbook"? I'm making the same things and struggling with publisher.

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