Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meat and Cheese Please...Homemade Charcuterie Plate

Who doesn't love meat and cheese???  The Strong's certainly do!  We have had several amazing Charcuterie plates.  We especially loved the one from Henri's in Austin, TX.

Charcuterie Plate at Henri's
We decided to do a Charcuterie Plate for part of our homemade Valentine's Day dinner.  We headed to Whole Foods for our Charcuterie supplies.  Whole Foods has a great cheese and deli section.  They even had a bin that has cheeses that are below $5!  This is where we got our cheeses.  The cheese we got were Seaside Cheddar + Bellavitano Raspberry + Sottocenere with Truffle + Florette Goat Brie.  We also got 6 thinly slices each of Creminelli Coppa + Creminelli Milano Salami + Prosciutto di Parma Sini Fulvi.  The meats were incredibly inexpensive ($0.75 to $2.86)...redic! 

We placed our array of cheeses and meats on our Epicurean cutting board, which is the best cutting board ever by the way.  We also got a loaf of rustic Italian bread. We toasted the bread and drizzled it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Serve your Charcuterie Plate with a glass of wine or your favorite craft brew.

We enjoyed this so much we did a second Charcuterie Plate a few days later.  We served these with Marcona Almonds.  You can also add olives, pickled vegetables, homemade mustard, pretzels, etc to your plate.

Charcuterie Plate #2

The Amazing Marcona addicting!

 The Delicious Cheeses

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