Friday, August 9, 2013

Home Sweet Home: DIY Housewarming Party Decor

So we had our housewarming party a couple weeks back, and I have to say we throw one heck of a partay.  We had an awesome time with close family and friends, and we can't wait to host our next get together! 

I wanted to do a couple of decorations and nice touches for our housewarming party. 

Here's what I made:
  • Two Bunting Banners
  • Decorative Table Signs
  • Two Different Types of Floral Arrangements
  • House Cake Topper
  • Paint Chip Paper Garland 

-Bunting Banners-

I have made this before for a bridal shower I attended a couple months back.  See here. I used three different patterns of paper.  I was able to score a really good deal on paper at Michael's.  It was 5/$1!!!  That is a really good deal! Both of these banners cost under $3 to make!
"Home Sweet Home" Bunting Banner

With the leftover paper, I made a smaller bunting banner to put in our breakfast nook.

-Decorative Table Signs-

I used my favorite Ikea Tolsby Frames for my decorative signs.  I absolutely love these frames!  I made two signs.  One saying "Home Sweet Home" and the other one is a "Home is Where the Heart is" sign.  I designed both signs using Microsoft Publisher.

-Floral Arrangements-

I just love fresh flower arrangements.  I think it gives any party that extra special touch.  I found an awesome place to score cheap fresh flowers...Krogers.  Krogers usually discounts almost past shelf life grocery items, and I guess they do the same for their floral department.  I scored a dozen roses for $3.50 and a bouquet of sunflowers for $5!  I mean super steal! I used my glass vases that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  My sisters helped me arrange the flowers.  We came up with a good idea of tying the sunflowers together with tulle.  We were able to make two short arrangements and two larger arrangements.  I think they turned out fabulous.  We placed the floral arrangements on the kitchen bar close to the family room and on the breakfast nook table.

-House Cake Topper-

We decided to have a Tres Leche sheet cake for our "housewarming" cake.  I wanted to jazz up the cake a bit, because sometimes sheet cakes can be a bit boring.  I found this cute wood cut-out of a house at Hobby Lobby.  It was only 29 cents! 

I used some craft paint and stickers I had lying around to decorate the wooden house cut-out.

I painted the roof portion in purple, and the rest I painted in green.  I used painters tape to get a straight line.  Here's the final product...

Us with our yummy cake!

-Paint Chip Paper Garland-

I have seen several ideas for using paint chips as decorations.  Here are some good ideas from Brit + Co.  I grabbed a whole bunch at our local Home Depot.  It's free so it's not stealing right?  I wanted the garland to match the bunting banner, so I chose green, blue, and orange paint chips.  The best thing about this DIY party decor is that it is entirely free (if you already have ribbon, a paper punch, and a hole puncher)!

I used my awesome craft punch and punched six scalloped circles out of each paint chip. 

I then used my hole puncher and punched two holes in each circle.  Make the holes near the edge of the circle.

Thread a thin ribbon through the paper circles.  I made three separate garlands.  Each garland being a different color.  So, I had one orange, one blue, and one green garland.  Here's the final product.

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to decorate for a party.  Just use your imagination, find those bargains, and reuse what you have!  I hope your next party is a fab one!

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