Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting My Hair Did... DIY Peacock Hair Fascinator

I knew I wanted a peacock flower hair pin for our wedding reception.  I really did not find anything I liked on Etsy or other websites, so I decided to make my own. 

-Synthetic Satin Fabric
-Decorative Button
-Black Felt Sheet (the thicker kind, not the flimsy kind)
-Glue Gun
-Peacock Feathers
-Metal Hair Comb with Teeth

Start by making a flower.  See my satin flower tutorial.

Cut the felt sheet into a circle with about a 2"-2 1/2" circumference.

Sew the hair comb with teeth to the felt circle.

Cut two peacock feather to the size you want.  Use the glue gun to stick the two peacock feathers to the other side of the felt circle that does not have the hair comb piece.  Then glue the satin flower on top of the peacock feathers.  Here is the final result...

Here's my hair fascinator in my hair on our big day...

Price Breakdown:

Satin Flower: $1.50
Felt Sheet: $1
Hair Comb: $2
Peacock Feathers: Free (used the ones for the invitations)

TOTAL: $4.50

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