Monday, March 26, 2012

Muah!...DIY Kissing Flower Ball Pew Decor

The church me and Mr. Domesticated Diva got married in was already breathtaking, so little was needed to jazz the church up.  I decided I did not want pew bows, and wanted to do something different and a little modern.  I decided to make kissing pew flower balls. 

Here's what you need:
-6 Round Styrofoam balls (medium sized)
-4 Bunches of Fake Mum Flowers
-2" Thick Colored Ribbon of your Choice
-18 Decorative Picks (found in the wedding aisle)- I used 3 picks for each flower ball
-Low Heat Glue Gun

1.) Start by making the "handle" part of the kissing ball.  I used about 16" of ribbon for the handle.  The length of ribbon used will depend on the church pews.

2.) Make a hole with scissors, about 3/4"-1" down the Styrofoam ball. Put a good amount of hot glue in the hole and stick the two ends of ribbon in the hole.  Use the scissors or a pen/pencil to help you get the ribbon down into the hole.

3.) Now, pull apart the flowers from the stalk.  You should be able to easily pull them off with your hands. I started at the top of the pew ball (where the handle is) and started gluing flowers from there.  When you pull off the flowers, there should be a green plastic nub pieces that sticks out.  This is the part that goes into the Styrofoam ball.  Put a dab of hot glue on the nub and with a bit of force push it into the Styrofoam ball.

4.) Repeat this step until you fill up all of the Styrofoam ball.  If you see areas where the Styrofoam is exposed, glue pieces of the leaves from the bunch in between or stick the decorative picks where needed.

5.) Cut off about another 12" pieces of ribbon, and tie a bow where the flower ball and the handle meet. 

Ta-da you have a kissing pew ball =)

Here's the final product...

Price Breakdown:

Styrofoam Balls: $4.77 (but with 50% coupon it came down to $2.38)
4 Bunches of Mums $9.99 (but with 50% off sale, it came down to $5)- $20
18 Decorative Picks 99 cents each (but with 50% off sale, it came down to 50 cents each)- $9
Ribbon- FREE (had some already)

TOTAL: $31.38 for six kissing flower balls or just over $5 each!

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