Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY Burlap Mesh Christmas Wreath

I have been on a DIY Christmas frenzy!  I just can't help myself!  We went to the Houston Nutcracker Market this year and I was in Christmas heaven!  One of the vendors there, Paul Michael Company, was doing a demonstration on how to make deco mesh wreaths.  I said to myself, "I can do this!".  From then on, I was determined to make our front door wreath.  I picked up a Paul Michael's work wreath and some burlap and got to work.

Many use deco mesh to cover their work wreaths, but I don't like a lot of glitter and shine and wanted to go the more natural route so I used burlap.

|YouTube tutorial|

Here's a great tutorial on how to make a wreath using a work wreath.  Some of my pictures do not explain the process really well, so I thought a video may help some of you.

|what you will need|

{1} Work Wreath (mine was 18")
{2} Dollar Tree Decorative Items
{3} Hobby Lobby pine cone picks and ribbon
{4} Green Burlap (brown burlap not pictured)
{5} Glue Gun with a lot of extra glue sticks (not pictured)

|how to|

{1} Start from the outside of the work wreath and wrap the greenery around the gathered section of green burlap and twist into place like so...

{2} Create a pouf with the burlap and tie down the gathered burlap again at the next greenery twist.  I didn't want the wreath too poufy, so I only used about 10"-12" of burlap between greenery twist.  Do this until you have went around the entire outer edge of the wreath and cut the excess burlap once completed. Then start on the inner portion of the wreath and wrap the brown burlap around using the same method as the outer portion.  FYI: You do not have to make the wreath two colors, you can use all one color if you would like.

{3} You can pouf the wreath more or less and adjust it to your liking.  This type of wreath is very forgiving and easy to alter.

{4} Next, take one of your ribbons and tie it to the greenery twist.  Tie the ribbon down in a zig-zag fashion.  Then do the same thing with your second ribbon.

{5} Now the fun part! Decorating!  I started with the larger decorative elements first and used a glue gun to stick them onto the wreath.  Use a large amount of glue when gluing these down.  You want to make sure they stick!  Once everything is glued down, wait at least an hour before hanging it.

{The Burlap Mesh Wreath on the Front Door}

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