Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All We Have Are Memories...Adoramapix Photo Book Review

After much research and reading tons of reviews, I decided to go with Adoramapix to create our wedding photo book.  They were reasonable in price, had great photo quality, and used REAL thick photo paper pages.

From my research, I noticed a lot of professional photographers use Adoramapix for their portfolios so I knew I was getting a high quality product.

Here's my You Tube Review of this product...

I choose a 12 x 12 photo book with 76 pages and we used the Kodak Luster Finish (which is the standard photo paper that comes with all photo books)  The photo paper used in the photo book were very thick and is about the thickness of a poster board just so you can get an idea.  The front cover had a nice light iridescent/metallic sheen, and with Adoramapix you can put a title on the spine of the book.  The Adorama photo book creation software is built-in to the Adoramapix website, so you don't have to download any software!  The software was easy to use and very user friendly.  I wanted to create as close to a professional photo book as I could, and I think I was pretty close in regards to the layout I choose for each page.  Also, all Adoramapix photo books lay flat and had no middle spine!  So each page was totally flushed with each other.  The lay flat pages were great for the panoramic spreads.

Here are some pics of the lay flat pages, binding, and cover...

Here are some pics of our layout, which took me over 10 hours to create =)

It took about 1 day for Adoramapix to assemble the album and ship it, and it took about 5 days to ship. 

Price Breakdown:

Price of Photo Book: $234.95 with 20% online discount code $187.96
Shipping: $5.95

Total: $193.91